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Get ready for the most joyful time of the year with Ann Chan, an exceptional hostess and a dear friend of Ellermann. Join us as Ann, the founder of Hero Design Group and a loving mother, shares her wealth of experience and expertise on hosting.

Our hostess of the day

Meet Ann Chan

As founder and CEO of renowned interior design company Hero Design Group and a loving mother, Ann brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. It was an absolute honour for us to join her in crafting a contemporary festive home for a merry dinner celebration.

What kind of hostess are you?

I have an unwavering dedication to personalising each guest’s experience. Before any event I host I take the time to learn about their preferences, dietary restrictions, and any special requests ensuring that very detail is tailored to their individual tastes. I want each guest of mine to feel truly seen and valued. From the moment they arrive, I want my guests to be enveloped in an ambiance of warmth and sophistication - which requires special attention to even the smallest details such as music, lighting, scent and decor.

As an interior expert, what’s the most essential thing for creating a festive home for hosting?

The most essential thing for creating a festive home for hosting is the table setting. Table settings are often the centrepiece of holiday gatherings. Such as the use of festive tablecloths, runners, or placemats. Adding decorative napkin rings, embellished glassware, and seasonal floral centrepieces to create an undeniably inviting and celebratory table.

One tradition you always have when you are hosting at home?

Always have a tablescape - no matter the size of the party. Oftentimes you don’t even have to overdo it and just use what’s already available at home! Scented candles, potpourri, cozy textiles - all help to evoke a festive ambiance and create a welcoming environment for your guests!

What’s your best advice on hosting the perfect Christmas dinner?

To simply have fun! To invite only the people you love and most importantly to enjoy the pleasure of hosting ! One of the most rewarding aspects of hosting is witnessing the joy and happiness of my guests. For me, seeing my guests enjoy the food, engage in meaningful conversations and create special memories in my very own home is something invaluable and continues to inspire me everyday.

Your best Christmas hosting experience yet?

My most memorable Christmas hosting experience was the covid Christmas that me and my immediate family had here in Hong Kong during the lockdown. The pandemic required me to make adjustments to my usual traditions. For example - everyone got involved in the kitchen. And while Christmas dinner was not to its usual standard it really allowed us to appreciate our time together and make the most of unique circumstances.